Vikas Gupta

Innovator | Team Builder | Resilience Advocate

With over 25 years of exceptional experience in enterprise software product development and management, Vikas is a visionary leader dedicated to driving success and empowering self-motivated teams. As the co-founder and CEO of Resiliency Program, he spearheads a transformative approach to enhancing workplace well-being and productivity.

Career Highlights:

CTO & ISO, HR Acuity: Vikas played a pivotal role as the Chief Technology Officer and Information Security Officer for HR Acuity, the fastest-growing Employee Relations firm in the United States. His strategic vision and technological expertise contributed to the company’s remarkable growth and industry recognition.

Co-founder & CTO, Sverve: As the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Sverve, Vikas led the development of an influential marketplace that revolutionized the influencer marketing landscape. The successful acquisition of Sverve by Bloglovin and subsequent rebranding as Activate showcased Vikas’ entrepreneurial acumen.

Passions and Interests:

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Vikas is an avid cricket enthusiast who finds joy in the strategic intricacies of the game. When not engrossed in his laptop, he engages in quality time with his daughter, exploring the world of math problems together. With an insatiable curiosity, he immerses himself in science fiction movies and stays at the forefront of technology advancements by devouring tech articles and publications.

Vikas embodies the spirit of resilience and believes in fostering an environment where teams are empowered to excel. With his unwavering dedication to innovation and unwavering commitment to success, he continues to make a profound impact in the industry.

Connect with Vikas to explore transformative possibilities and discover how Resiliency Program can revolutionize your organization’s well-being and performance.

Dr. Steven Zodkoy

Dr. Zodkoy is a highly experienced and respected healthcare professional with certifications as a Chiropractor, Nutritionist, and Kinesiologist. With over 30 years of expertise in the field, he has established himself as a leader in promoting optimal mental and physical function through organic means.

One notable contribution of Dr. Zodkoy is his Resiliency Program, which he presented to The Pentagon. This groundbreaking program led to the development of one of the largest alternative medical initiatives aimed at treating anxiety, burnout, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) specifically for veterans. The program's success and effectiveness have garnered recognition and it has been adapted for implementation in government agencies, corporations, and made available to the general public.

In addition to his significant contributions through the Resiliency Program, Dr. Zodkoy is a double board-certified nutritionist, chiropractor, and applied kinesiologist. This extensive training and expertise allow him to approach health and well-being from multiple perspectives, considering the interplay between nutrition, musculoskeletal health, and overall body function.

Dr. Zodkoy is also a published author, having authored the Amazon bestselling book titled "Misdiagnosed: The Adrenal Fatigue." In this book, he likely delves into the topic of adrenal fatigue, shedding light on the misconceptions and potential misdiagnoses surrounding this condition.

Currently, Dr. Zodkoy practices in Freehold, NJ, where he specializes in treating individuals facing complex physical and emotional health issues that may have been labeled as "untreatable" by other healthcare professionals. His holistic approach and expertise in various disciplines make him a sought-after practitioner for those seeking solutions to challenging health conditions.

Ankit Aggarwal

Ankit Aggarwal is a highly skilled IT professional with over 17 years of experience in the field. He also has experience in managing his family's business. Ankit has completed several industry certifications, including Microsoft Azure Architect (AZ-303), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).

Throughout his career, Ankit has worked for several leading IT companies. He has experience in a range of IT areas, including networking and cloud computing. Ankit is also skilled in project management and has led several successful IT projects throughout his career.

In addition to his IT expertise, Ankit also has experience managing his family's business. He has worked closely with his family to develop and implement strategies for growth and expansion. Ankit has a strong understanding of business operations, finance, and marketing.

Ankit is known for his strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and ability to work well under pressure. He is a problem solver and enjoys taking on new challenges. Ankit is also an effective communicator and has experience working with teams of various sizes and backgrounds.

Overall, Ankit Aggarwal is a talented IT professional with a wealth of experience in the industry. He has a strong track record of success in both IT and business and is committed to continuing to grow and develop his skills.

Hobbies:- Like to watch suspense movies and spend time with family and friends.

Deepika Lalwani

Deepika Lalwani is an experienced content strategist and content creator for Resiliency Program. With over 11 years of experience in the field of Yoga, wellness, and nutrition, she has been helping people achieve their mental and physical fitness goals. Deepika believes that a person can unlock their full potential when their body is fit, and their mind is calm. She has been training major corporate groups for the last nine years, both online and offline, and has designed several employee stress management programs.

Deepika holds a Master's degree in biotechnology, but she started teaching yoga out of pure passion. She has a 500 hour YTT certificate from Yoga Alliance International, along with a diploma in clinical nutrition and dietetics.

Deepika's workouts have been featured on TV and print media, and she is a fitness influencer on Instagram with more than thirty thousand followers. She won the title of female fitness model in one of the most prestigious fitness competitions in 2020.

When not teaching or creating content, Deepika loves to spend time with her 12-year-old son and her two cats Rajma and Chawal.

Content strategy and creation
Yoga, wellness, and nutrition expertise
Employee stress management program design
Fitness modeling
Social media influencer

Tamanna Manral

Tamanna is a dedicated professional who is passionate about helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals. With a strong background in food and nutrition, she possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide personalized nutrition counseling to clients of all ages. Whether you're aiming to manage a chronic condition, lose weight, or simply improve your overall health, Tamanna is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Tamanna holds an impressive educational background in the field of nutrition. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Food and Nutrition, equipping her with a solid foundation in understanding the science behind healthy eating. Additionally, she pursued a Master's degree in Food Service Management and Dietetics, further enhancing her expertise in managing nutrition within various settings. Tamanna's commitment to continuous learning led her to also complete a postgraduate diploma in Food and Nutrition, ensuring she stays up-to-date with the latest research and advancements in the field.

Tamanna strongly believes that healthy eating should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. She understands that navigating the world of nutrition can be overwhelming, but she is dedicated to making it a simple and sustainable process for her clients. Tamanna emphasizes that healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated or restrictive; rather, it can be a fulfilling and pleasurable journey. Her approach focuses on empowering her clients to make lasting changes that positively impact their well-being, both in the short term and throughout their lives.

Navmi Arora

Navmi Arora is a psychologist with 3+ years of work experience in detailed psychometric testing, providing counseling and therapy to individuals of varying age and genders, with stress, burnout disturbing personal or work life, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and daily life stress. She believes that anything that's human is mentionable and can be more manageable if expressed and talked about.

Navmi has a degree in MSc Clinical Psychology.

Navmi believes in guiding her clients through life without feeling ashamed about expressing their feelings, whatever their nature may be. She believes that it takes courage to take the first step towards healing and learning about oneself.
She wants to change the perspective of people towards therapy and mental health.

Navmi believes in providing an individualized treatment plan and a psychological approach that makes sense to the client and work as a team. She emphasizes the importance of the client being involved in the process of their holistic wellness.

In her free time, Navmi enjoys reading, watching movies and traveling.

Psychometric testing, therapeutic techniques like CBT, person centric approach, DBT, Eclectic approach and
Holistic wellness.

Siddharth Tejpal

Siddharth Tejpal is an experienced engineer with over 9 years of experience in full-stack development. He has expertise in the US Healthcare & HR domains and is skilled in strategizing and thinking about complete architecture and secure products. As a Sr. Security & Cloud Architect of Resiliency Program, Siddharth is responsible for ensuring the security and resilience of the company's cloud infrastructure and applications.

Siddharth has a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from a reputed university.

Siddharth likes to read tech articles to stay updated with the latest advancements in the industry. In his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family by playing games. He also loves to take long night drives to relax and clear his mind. Siddharth is an adventure enthusiast and enjoys trekking. To unwind, he likes to listen to soothing music.

Full-stack development
US Healthcare & HR domain expertise
Cloud architecture
Security and resilience
Strategic thinking

Vipin Singh Sr. Software Developer

Vipin Singh

Vipin Kumar Singh is a seasoned Senior Laravel Developer with 7+ years of experience in the field. He is highly skilled in various technologies, including Laravel, REST API, Codeigniter, PHP, WordPress, Woocommerce, Opencart, Craft CMS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML, JQuery, and CSS.

With a deep understanding of web development and a keen eye for detail, Vipin has successfully completed numerous projects, delivering high-quality code and exceptional user experiences. He is well-versed in building complex web applications, integrating APIs, and developing custom solutions to meet business requirements.

In addition to his technical expertise, Vipin is also known for his passion for web development and dedication to staying updated with the latest industry trends and best practices. He is a reliable team player and has excellent communication skills, making him an asset to any development team.

Outside of work, Vipin enjoys pursuing his hobbies, including cooking, listening to music, and watching movies. He believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and strives to excel both in his professional and personal endeavors.

In summary, Vipin Kumar Singh is an experienced Senior Laravel Developer with a diverse skill set, a passion for web development, and a commitment to delivering top-notch results. His technical expertise, dedication, and hobbies make him a well-rounded professional in the field.

Hardik Trivedi

iOS Developer | Proficient in SwiftUI, Swift, Objective-C | Thoughtful, Ambivert
Hardik Trivedi is an experienced iOS Developer with a background spanning over 9 years. In addition to iOS development, he has a strong command of creating applications for tvOS and watchOS. Continuously driven to expand his skills within the Apple framework, he actively seeks opportunities for growth. As the founder of, he exudes a deep enthusiasm for technology and takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge and insights with the community.

Career Notable Points:
- Hardik is currently employed at Resiliency Program, where he initially joined as a Senior Developer. With his unwavering dedication and expertise, he has progressively taken on more responsibilities and now effectively oversees the iOS department. One of his notable achievements includes enhancing the usability of the existing product by aligning it with Apple's design principles.

- As an experienced iOS Developer, Hardik recognized the potential of joining a startup company, where he could leverage his technical expertise and further develop his interpersonal skills. Alongside his primary role, he enthusiastically embraced additional responsibilities such as team management and overseeing the iOS department.

- Hardik embarked on his journey in iOS development by starting as a Trainee, which provided him with the opportunity to begin his path as an iOS developer. During this crucial period, he devoted himself to mastering both Objective-C and Swift. Alongside his studies, he had the privilege of working on diverse client-based and product-based applications, benefiting from the guidance and mentorship of experienced seniors.

- During his college years, Hardik acquired proficiency in various programming languages, including C, C++, Java, and C#. His passion for programming led him to undertake a captivating project in his final year, where he developed a Windows-based C#.NET application for his college's book management system.

Know Hardik:
Beyond Hardik's professional endeavours, he finds solace in embracing his ambivert nature. He derives contentment from staying at home, where he happily assists his family with household tasks and treasures moments of quality time spent together. Being a food enthusiast, he takes immense pleasure in preparing and cooking small, delectable dishes. Furthermore, Hardik's love for travel is accompanied by his ambivert nature, making him selective and choosy when it comes to his travel experiences.

Connect with Hardik:
Hardik is currently leading the development of the Resiliency Program iPhone app. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the app, please feel free to reach out to him.


Radia is a QA Lead with 8 years of testing development experience across various domains. She holds a Bachelor's degree in computer science and is a multi-skilled, forward-thinking, and capable professional. She strongly believes in John Ruskin's quote, "Quality is never an accident, always the result of intelligent effort."

Radia lives in New York with her son.

In her free time, Radia enjoys watching Netflix and spending time with her pup.


Quality assurance
Testing development
Capable professional

Saurabh Kumar Gupta

Saurabh is an experienced Android Developer with a strong passion for creating innovative and user-friendly mobile applications. With 2+ years of hands-on experience in Android App Development with a deep understanding of the Android ecosystem and extensive knowledge of Java and Kotlin programming languages, Saurabh has the expertise to develop robust and efficient Android apps.

Throughout his career, Saurabh has successfully delivered high-quality applications for various industries, ranging from e-commerce and social networking to finance and healthcare. His attention to detail and commitment to providing an exceptional user experience have earned him a reputation for creating polished and intuitive interfaces.

Saurabh is well-versed in utilizing the Android software development kit (SDK), Android Studio, and other essential tools and libraries. He stays updated with the latest trends and best practices in Android app development, ensuring that the apps he develops are not only cutting-edge but also adhere to industry standards.

With excellent problem-solving skills and a strong ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams, Saurabh effectively translates client requirements into functional and scalable applications. He enjoys working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, leveraging his creativity and technical expertise to overcome challenges and deliver outstanding results.

In addition to his technical prowess, Saurabh is a strong communicator who can effectively articulate complex concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. He values open communication, actively seeks feedback, and strives to continuously improve his skills and knowledge.

Saurabh's dedication to his craft and his passion for creating impactful Android applications make him a valuable asset to any development team. His ability to transform ideas into reality and his commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences make him an ideal Android developer.

Prince Syaniya

Meet Prince Syaniya, a talented UX designer at Resiliency Program with over 3 years of experience in designing and transforming B2B and B2C products. He has a diverse portfolio working on domains such as Finance, Education, Ecommerce, and Healthcare. Prince's creative flair, attention to detail, and passion for problem-solving make him a valuable asset to any project.

When Prince is not designing user interfaces, he enjoys practicing martial arts, listening to music, and dancing. He finds peace and tranquility in nature, which he often visits to relax and unwind. Prince's unique blend of creative and analytical skills, coupled with his love for the outdoors, make him a well-rounded individual and a pleasure to work with.

Shilpi Chauhan Chakraborty

Shilpi Chauhan Chakraborty is an independent graphic designer working professionally since 2007. She is a post graduate in graphic design from National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad and currently works from Kolkata, India.

Shilpi believes in developing meaningful, memorable and timeless communication solutions for her clients. Besides grey matter, she invests her heart and soul in each project!

Specialties: Logo Design, Identity, Branding, Books, Brochures, Magazines and other Print Collaterals, Environmental Graphics, Illustrations.

She has worked closely with various imminent companies in Kolkata, New Delhi, Noida, Lucknow, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Punjab, United States and Australia.